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This site can be browsed without an account, however in order to be able to participate on the forum or add images to the photo gallery, you need to have a user account.

To receive an account, send an email to the webmaster providing your desired user name and password.  Anonymous user names are not allowed.  User names must be in the form of your FirstName Lastname (i.e. John Doe, or Johnathon Doe).  Passwords need to have at least 6 characters.

In addition to joining us here on the website with your new user account, we hope you will join the club as well!  Once you have an active user account, you can join online and pay with Paypal, or you can also print a membership application and mail it in along with your dues to our club Treasurer.  All the information you need to join can be found at Renew/Join

If you have also joined the National DeSoto Club since the publication of the most recent Roster Issue (Jan-Feb of the current year), please indicate in your request for a user account that you are a club member.


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