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Clutch and shift linkage HELP for my 53 Fluid Torque Drive
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Author:  LanceJames [ Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:50 am ]
Post subject:  Clutch and shift linkage HELP for my 53 Fluid Torque Drive

Hey guys, well after a little over two years of having the motor out I am finally putting things back together. Goin' pretty good for the most part until I can to my clutch linkage.

First the shift linkage. there are two rods that run back to the levers on the trans. The longer of the two, the one that runs up toward the top of the shift linkage seems to be fine. Its the lower one I am having issues with. After racking my brain to figure out why it wont reach back anymore I have come to the conclusion that it was bent while the engine has been out. It happens to hang straight down when not connected to the trans and I may have lowered the car down and modified its shape, so now its too short to reach. I could bend it but that would be a guessing game. Does anyone have this piece they could sell me cheap or let me know where I may find one?

Second issue is my clutch linkage. I honestly thing this piece was gone when I got the car as I dont remember taking it off when I pulled the trans a couple years back. If I did have it I have no idea where it is, so I am in need of this part too. Every thing went together great but the adjustable rod that runs back to the clutch shift fork is what I need. Anyone out there have this piece???

Progress pics to come soon!!!

Thanks, Lance

Author:  PaulMurkowicz [ Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:39 am ]
Post subject:  Clutch and shift linkage HELP for my 53 Fluid Torque Drive

Hey Lance. Glad to see you are back and doing well - I figure since you are again working on the 53. I do not believe these parts are in high demand even though they can be hard to find. Desert Valley Auto parts should have both of these. They supposedly have gotten more cars in since I was last there. Their phone number is 520-836-2886. Make sure they understand you do not need any extra bends in them. Since this is a salvage yard, they stack cars two high and some are right on the ground - so these rods could get bent, but typically they are above the centerline of the trans cover and could survive. You should look at the bent one very carefully.
Since everything should have been lowered the same amount, I do not think this is the cause - frame goes down with engine and trans, body goes down the same amount.

Author:  LanceJames [ Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:07 am ]
Post subject: 

Hey Paul ya I'm back ha ha.

Ya, I'm not sure what happened but the rod wont fit now, the one does but the other is bent to much. I'll have to wait till I get the steering column back in place to check for sure to see whats up. Right now everything is loose and moves around to much.

I do need that clutch piece tho, I'll call that yard to see what they have to say. I think all dodges, plymouths, chryslers etc. ran a similar adjustable rod so that part I am not to worried about.

I'll keep you posted,


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