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1931 SA radiator repair
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Author:  JerryInman [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 6:26 pm ]
Post subject:  1931 SA radiator repair

I recently took the radiator in for repair and learned that the core was leaking and that could not be repaired. I could get a modern replacement core fit in for $400. In place of core replacement is it advisable to try some type of "stop leak" or are there better ways? The leak is not sever.

Author:  PaulPresnell [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Radiator repair

If its not leaking that bad why couldn't they fix it? You can try the stop leak and see what happens. If it gets worse you are stuck with the recore. Gook luck.


Author:  martinlum [ Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:16 pm ]
Post subject:  1931 DeSoto rad.

Hi-I've been through total restoration on a number of early Mopars including 1929 and 30 Desotos. My 30 Desoto has an original diamond core and cools fairly well in hot weather, well enough to not be boiling over when you sit but still gets pretty hot in hot weather on long tough climbs, etc.
the 1929 has a brand new expensive diamond core-about $1,000- during restoration and cools beautifully making long tough climbs a pleasure.

If you have the budget, I would spring for a new core of the proper design (diamond core in your case). If you go for a modern core, be sure you are getting adequate cooling capacity which probably means getting the job done by a specialist in older car radiators.

My 33 Chrysler 8 which originally also had a diamond core had a new core installed by a previous owner who never finished the restoration. When I had the engine rebuilt and put it on the road, serious cooling problems developed so I'm looking at pulling the hoods and having the rad. recored again.

The other question is-if originality is a concern-how many points will you lose in judging with a non-original tube and fin core?

Engine cooling is definitely a problem with these early cars in hot weather if everything isn't done as well as possible. Be sure your water pump's impeller is intact and in good shape as this will influence the circulation of the vital coolant. Early flatheads Mopars have engine block water jacketing only down as far as the piston bottom stroke . Beginning in 1935 or so the jacketing was extended down to the oil plan joint giving larger cooling capacity.

Tough questions to answer but it's better to get it right the 1st time if you arre really doing to drive your car on the road.
Martin Lum

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