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neck wallets, badges, and dash plaques???
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Author:  WilliamNoble [ Sat Jul 16, 2016 5:03 pm ]
Post subject:  neck wallets, badges, and dash plaques???

As the NDC's Convention Coordinator, and now that our 2016 convention is over, I'd like to get some feedback as to what people thought of a few things in order to know what members want at future conventions.

For example, what did you think of the neck wallets? The only comment I heard was from one person who thought that they were great. I'm okay with them, although it did leave me with an interesting sunburn pattern - but that was my fault for not using enough sunblock. You do have to be a bit careful with them when you're around the cars and the wind is blowing. And I did see two people that somehow managed to get themselves tangled up in each other's neck wallets. Any other thoughts - pro or con?

The badges this year were the same for everyone. In the past, each badge would have the person's name, where they were from, and what De Soto they had at the convention (if they had one there). This year, none of that info was on the badges - which does make them a lot easier to make! The info cards in the neck wallets had names and hometowns, but not which car you had in the show; that can easily be changed. Some people feel that we don't need any badges if we're using neck wallets. And some people don't like putting holes into their shirts. So again, your thoughts please.

And finally, the dash plaques this year were magnets. We (the NDC) had never done this before, and I've never seen any other car shows do this - but I don't get out to very many car shows. I don't know if these cost more or less than the traditional dash plaques made from metal. Like or dislike? Thoughts?

If you want to send your thoughts only to me, please do so via


Bill Noble
NDC Convention Coordinator

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