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1951 DeSoto Questions
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Author:  BrentDawson [ Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:11 pm ]
Post subject:  1951 DeSoto Questions

Hello all. I am certainly new to your forum as I became a new member today. My Dad passed away 3 months ago and he had a '51 DeSoto Deluxe Coupe that was passed down to me. I just listed the car on Ebay Motors as I just don't have the space to keep the car, and I would like to sell it and give the money to my mom as she is now by herself and in assisted living. I really have no idea what the car is worth, other than what I have found on, so I just made a guess and listed it. I believe my Dad was a member of this organization as he has some literature that looks like he was a member at some point in the past but he didn't have a computer so he would have never signed on here. Not sure if any of you knew him, but his name was Harry Dawson. He got a rebuilt engine for his DeSoto 6 or 7 years ago from a member who lived or lives in Michigan. The person that he purchased the engine from apparently worked for Chrysler I believe as an engineer and the story that I heard was that this individual was also on the Ramchargers Race Team for Chrysler??? Anyway, it was my intent to research the vehicle with the help of folks who hang out here, but I am going on vacation soon and just decided to list the car with the info that I had. So anyway, the car is now listed on Ebay, but if any of you look at the ad and have any thoughts as to what I should expect to sell the car for, or you want to purchase the car ( it has only been on Ebay for an hour or so), I would appreciate hearing from you. I guess I am it probably would have made better sense to ask you guys questions before listing it. Thanks for any help anyone can provide. Thanks, Brent

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