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1952 Power Windiw Wiring diagrams
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Author:  GeritSjolie [ Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:17 pm ]
Post subject:  1952 Power Windiw Wiring diagrams

Does anyone have the original wiring diagrams for power windows for 1952? I have the original service manual and the wiring diagrams do not include the windows for some reason. I have a 52 sportsman and cant get the windows working, I have all new wiring and relays but want to use the stock motors and switches, I have sent the motors off and had them serviced so they are good and the switches test fine. Hope somebody can help!

Author:  BrentJacobsen [ Sat Dec 09, 2017 3:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1952 Power Windiw Wiring diagrams

Hi Gerit,

I am presuming that you own a 1952 Firedome as I believe only the Firedome model was equipped with power windows. I have discovered by experience, that the 1952 Firedome (model S17) is actually covered by three different shop manuals, no single one of which covers every feature on the car. You would start with Chrysler publication D13699 the manual which covers the S13, S14, and S15 cars. The S17 is essentially an S15 with a V-8 engine. Then you would get the Firedome supplement, Chrysler publication D13898, which covers all the initial production S17 parts. But you also need Chrysler publication D14405 which covers the S17, S16, and S18. This covers later S17 production parts, but curiously omits the early production parts and all of the unique 1952 body parts. The S17 model had numerous running changes during it's short 1/2 year model run.

Power windows are covered in the body section of publication D14405 beginning on page 546. There is a wiring diagram which shows wiring for each power window. Essentially, the system used a 50 amp circuit breaker located on the cowl to deliver power from the starter relay to power individual motor power relays located near the window motors. The relays were activated by the individual switches and had an internal 30 amp circuit breaker. The master door switch worked in parallel with the individual window switches.

I hope this helps!

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